How to have anal sex and escorts opinion on its bad or good effects

Anal sex is not a taboo anymore, more and more people are engaging this in their sexual life.

According to ebony escorts vegas, the anal area gives more pleasure then vagina but is it worth to have anal sex.

A survey shows that 40% of women and beautiful black escorts have tried anal sex once in their life.

Although anal sex is pleasurable, there are some precautions and procedures you need to follow before having anal sex.

How to have anal sex?

Anal sex is not something you can jump straight into. Like any other muscle group, the anal area has muscles too and before having anal sex you need to train them for penetration and pleasure. Here are some steps you need to follow given by ebony escorts in las vegas to have proper anal sex.

  • Choose your type:- anal sex is of 5 types, before having anal sex you should choose which one suits your preferences and your partners. Types of anal sex are Postillionage (using fingers for penetration), sex toy(using soft sex toys), Rimming(using oral contact for pleasure), Fisting( using the whole hand for penetration), and Penis (sex by penetrating anus by penis).
  • Take proper hygiene care:- Hygiene is the most important factor to consider during anal sex is hygiene. Maintain proper hygiene by cleaning sex toys, washing your genitals before and after sex with medical soaps and using proper and clean protection methods.
  • Use sex toys first:- Using sex toys is recommended to prepare the anal area for sex, as penetrating directly can cause tissue damage to anal area and also sex toys give you an idea about feel you get when you have anal sex thus if feel discomfort you can avoid anal sex.

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