Kite Festivals In India

Kite Festivals in India have been celebrated since ancient times. These festivals are celebrated in many parts of India like Inida (ADX dated around 600 B.C), Indus Valley, Khajuraho and Ajanta & Ellora caves. Kite Festivals in India is all about colorful kites flying competitions to win prizes and kites being decorating. These festivals are colorful and exciting to watch and participate in. Some of the most important Kite Festivals in India are: Trivandrum Kite Flying Festival; Kite Festivals of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka; Kite Festivals of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh; Kite Festivals of Kerala & Karnataka. All these festivals are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by the people of India.

Kite Festivals in India is a rage today because the people love to take part in them. There is no other place in India where one can participate in kite flying competitions and win kites. People from all age group and background are taken by the wings to participate in these festivals. Whether you are new in this sport or a kite pilot, there is no dearth of challenges in India for you are sure to enjoy your stay here.

Kite Festival in India is celebrated throughout the year. Except for the month of January, the festivals are celebrated all year round. During the month of January, there are no competition at all in India but only people fly kites at various places for their amusement. During the month of October, there are more kite festival celebrations as the place is full of forests and people used to fly kites to celebrate this festivity.

Some of the most important cities that have some of the famous festivals in India are: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhuj, Mumbai, Khajuraho, Lucknow, Surat, Ujjain etc. Kite festival is a complete experience in itself. You will get to see the different kite flying patterns and different colored birds with colorful plumage. The festival celebrates the splendor of India and its cultural heritage. Kite Festival is one of the most awaited festivals to watch because of the splendid colors and the graceful flying patterns.

Kite festival is celebrated all over India in many of the cities. In Delhi, it is celebrated along with immense joy and happiness. People here throw stones at each other with great delight and happiness. People here also give gifts to one another like uttarayan festival gifts. Kite flying festival is also celebrated in Udaipur (Wants), Agra (Mecca), Jodhpur (Zakatpur), Jaisalmer (Chittorgarh), Hyderabad (India), Kolkata (Kozhikode) and many more cities. Tourists from all over the world come to celebrate Kite Festival in India.

In order to celebrate the grand celebration of Kite festival, every year there are several events like horse polo championships, kite festival kite flying competitions, polo tournaments and other such sports events organized in every city. Kite festival in India also celebrates the grand participation of various institutes, universities, colleges, schools, students, staffs and students of different institutions in the common effort for celebrating Kite festival. The most popular among them are AIIMS, IIT-JEE, Srinagar, IIT-JEE Limited test, managerial collage, engineering fair, etc. Every year students from all the engineering Colleges of India compete in IIT-JEE and take first position in the examination. Many students work in Kite enthusiast clubs in Udaipur and other cities in India.

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