How to Be Healthy and Safe With a Prostitute or Female Escorts

Female Escorts

Interactions of men with prostitutes and companions have been understudied for years. However, estimates indicate that 15 to 20% of men pay for sex at least once during their lifetime. But, this range might be more conservative than some samples have hinted. For instance, there are samples that have shown that up to 40% of the male population visits or will visit prostitutes at least once in their lifetime.


Prostitution legality determines how often men engage in sexual intercourse with prostitutes and companions. However, prostitution legality varies from one society to another. Tolerance level also varies among communities. But, though prostitution may be illegal, related activities like escorting, pimping, and managing brothels are not.

Healthy and Safe Interactions with Prostitutes and the best female escorts

Legality and tolerance affect how often men seek out advice from healthcare providers in regard to sexual health. In states and countries where prostitution is sanctioned, sex workers have to attend clinics regularly to be checked for sexually transmitted illnesses. Availability of STD treatment helps prevent these diseases from spreading.

But, if you intend to engage in sex with a prostitute or female escorts, it’s important that you pay attention to the symptoms and signs of STDs. These may include smelly discharge, burning sensation or pain when urinating, as well as lumps, blisters, itching, sores or rashes in the genital areas. However, there are infections that do not have clear symptoms or signs. Therefore, always use protection if you engage in a sexual intercourse with a companion or prostitute.

Safe Sex Tips

Generally, engaging in any sexual activity with a companion or prostitute is a risky behavior. It’s therefore important that you observe safe sex practices. Anybody can get sexually transmitted infections by having an unprotected sex with an infected person.

Safe sex tips that will protect you against infections include:

  • Using a branded condom for anal or vaginal sex.
  • Using even a stronger condom when engaging in anal sex and water-based lubricants
  • Avoiding oil-based lubricants when using a latex condom because they make conditions porous therefore vulnerable to breaking.
  • Using dental dams when having oral sex with female prostitutes or companions. These are available at online stores and clinics.

If you engage in sex with prostitutes or companions more often and you suspect that you have developed a sexually transmitted infection, talk to a healthcare provider immediately. But, no matter how often you engage services of prostitutes or companions, play safe and get medical check-ups on a regular basis.

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