The Most Valuable Heirloom Jewelry Of The British Royal Family


The jewelry pieces in the collection of the British Royal family have a rich history. Some of the pieces were given by the Queen to members of her family, while others were inherited by the Queen. The Princess Beatrice wore the Fringe tiara to her wedding in 2011 – one of the most expensive heirlooms in the collection. However, the royal family is also known to lend their jewelry to their closest friends.

One of the most famous royal heirloom pieces is a diamond fringe tiara that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by the Queen’s mother. The princess gave it to her sister Princess Anne to announce their engagement. The tiara is valued at $2 million to $4 million. Another piece of jewelry that belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall is a holiday crown. This was worn by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on her wedding day. The necklace features pearl bands, and the pink topaz is extremely precious.

Several tiaras in the royal collection are very expensive. The Meander Tiara, which was given to Queen Mary by Queen Victoria, is worth $2 million to $4 million. The Cubitt-Shand Tiara, which belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall, is another piece that has an expensive price tag. The necklace is worth $1.6 million, and the earrings and brooch are worth another $250,000.

Other pieces that have been in the royal collection for years include the Diana Crown necklace and the Meander Tiara. The Meander Tiara, which was given to the queen by her mother-in-law, is still in circulation today. It was worn by the princess as she announced her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips. These pieces are worth $2 million and more. This article explores some of the most precious heirloom jewelry in the British Royal Collection.

The most valuable heirloom jewelry belonging to the British royal family is the most important tiara that is worn by the future king of England. The Lover’s Knot tiara was originally a necklace, but was turned into a tiara by Queen Mary. It was worn by Princess Diana in her wedding to be married to Prince Harry.

The most expensive piece in the collection of the British Royal family is the Queen’s diamond bandeau, which costs over PS2 million. It was created for Queen Mary in 1932 and is a detachable floral-shaped brooch. The County of Lincoln gave the tiara to the Queen when she married in 1893, and she wore it until she passed away in 1953.


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